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Since 1877, the name for quality in the Blohm & Voss shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. The traditional Hamburg shipyard produces the highest quality products for the global market.

Blohm + Voss Shipyards is part of the composite ThyssenKrupp
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Thanks to his technical expertise, excellence of its engineers, advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative technologies, the company takes an important position in the global market.




111m vintage motor yacht

Classic lines with state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques

The expert team of Blohm + Voss is developing various pre-designed custom yachts Allowing clients to profit from the Blohm + Voss experience in large yacht newbuild.

Following "110m/fast B + V" and "B + V 120 MY / X" the next project to be presented is the 111m (364 ') motor yacht:

B + V 111 MY / Vintage


In a history of more than 130 years Blohm + Voss has built well-known yachts in yacht building finest quality including legends such as MY Savarona.

B + V 111 MY / Vintage links classical hull lines of yachts of the 1930's with state of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques.

The harmonic outer appearance is marked by traditional sheer and continuing coverage,
connecting the bow-sprit with the classical shaped cruiser stern.

Characteristic features of an important epoch rudimentary of yacht design are also the backwards leaned funnels and the sideways arranged air intakes, while the bulbous bridge wings and the forward deck hoods implement modern design elements.

The yacht provides a helicopter landing deck, two large bays and two border on deck spaces for classical, davit-launched picnic tenders. This arrangement Allows for a very comfortable transfer for Owner and Guests.


A special design feature is a viewing platform located up in the aft mast to enjoy a stunning outlook over the yachts and the surrounding scenery. Access to the platform is via a glazed elevator that requires an enrollment to reach the platform in a very comfortable and safe way from various decks.

The very spacious exterior deck areas, a swimming pool with glazed side panels and a large beach club in the aft offer various possibilities for all kind of watersports. Sea access is either sideways from the beach club platforms or the aft stern ramp.

One entire deck (deck 5) is dedicated to the owner's large residential suite in the forward part Which includes a large bedroom, his and her bathroom and respective dressing areas as well as a private dining room and a private gym. The impressive Owner's lounge, facing towards aft, has a direct access to the open pool area.

One deck below (Main Deck / deck 4), up to 12 Guests can be accommodated in 4 luxury cabins and two VIP guests. Walking through a gallery space the guests reach an indoor dining area that has a lounge area in the aft and connects to a shady aft deck for al fresco dining including bar and sitting area.

In order to assure efficient and discreet guest services, Owner and Guests spaces have been carefully separated from the crew ServiceFlow insuring minimum disturbance.

Crew cabins for 25 crew members are located on the Boat Deck (deck 3) including the crew mess. Crew boarding can be done independently from Owner and Guests through a dedicated crew entrance on the same deck. Galley and provision storage are on the same deck Allowing for easy access and provisioning. The Same Applies to the separate access to the beach club So that preparation and set up work of the beach club and water sports equipment can be done without disturbance to the Owner and his Guests.

The yacht has been designed for comfortable and reliable worldwide cruising in a contemporary interpretation on the style of the early yachts of the 1930's.

Needless to say modern technologies and up-to-date diesel-mechanical propulsion system, fuel capacity for a service speed 14kn at 4.000nm and retractable fin stabilizers wants to assure today's expected service and comfort levels.

Technical Data:
Motor yacht 'B + V 111 MY / Vintage

Loa: 111.0 m (364 ft)
Waterline Beam: 15.6 m (51.1 ft)
Draught: 5.3 m (17.4 ft)
Maximum speed: 17 kn
Cruising speed: 14 knots
Range: 4,000 nm @ 14kn
Propulsion: 2 x 2.560 kW diesel controllable via the gearbox to
pitch propeller
3x 930 kW gensets with soot particle filtration
Maneuvering System: 1x bow thrusters (500 kW),
1x stern thrusters (220 kW)
Passengers: Owner: 2
Guests: 12
Crew: 25
Features: Helicopter Platform
Beach Club
Viewing platform in the aft mast with lift access
Water Toy garage
Tenders: 2 x border 10m (33 ')
Border 2x 8.5 m (28 ')

One sales team

+ + + One sales team for new yacht builds, refits, conversions + + +

Due to the continuously increasing number of yacht refits and conversions, and in effort to serve clients better at, the Blohm + Voss Sales Team will be your point of contact for all inquiries on yacht refits, conversions, maintenance and new builds.

Over the past years a Considerable amount of yacht refits and conversions have been carried out at Blohm + Voss: MY Lady Moura, MY Golden Odyssey, MY Pelorus, MY Talitha G, MY MY Ecstasea Triple Seven and among them. The Sales team is looking forward to answer all yacht related inquiries you may have 24 / 7, please contact:

Cristian Black Forest, Sales Director
Phone: + 49-172-219 0607
cristian.schwarzwaelder @ thyssenkrupp.com

Isabelle Huet, Sales Manager
Phone: +49-171-604 6966